Lost & Found

We are happy to scan a found animal for you, but make no guarantees that we have space for the animal. We encourage you to bring all strays to Marion County Animal Services, who can be contacted at 352-671-8700. Any dogs or cats that have been “picked up” by Animal Control can be found on the Marion County Animal Services website as well. The HSMC does not pick up any animals from residents or off the streets.

Please register both lost and fond pets with the sites below.









Please make sure that you also notify your pet’s microchip company. If you do not know the company, you may call your vet or the location that the microchip was done. They will be able to give you that information.

Post flyers at vets’ offices, shelters, groomers, and local neighborhoods.

If you have found a pet, please immediately take it to a shelter or vet’s office and have a pet scanned for a microchip. Please also notify the microchip company, and try to locate the owner.

If lost, please check shelters OFTEN!

For lost cats please put a litter box outside and out of the rain. You may also put out a can of tuna around feeding times and call often (dawn, dusk, day, night).

For lost dogs please put something with your family’s scent (unlaundered) outside and out of the rain.

You may also register & search for found pets on many other sites including: