The Humane Society of Marion County, Florida

Humane Education Camp

What are Humane Education Camps?

We have Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring Camps during the Marion County Breaks. Just like our Doggone Good Reading Program, we educate our youth on compassion and community needs while having fun and socializing with animals.

What will my child do?

Each day, your child will learn two lessons on Humane Education and complete four to six crafts/toys to donate to our Shelter Animals. We even have special crafts for you to take home, too! We will also have Animal Playtime and guest speakers coming in with more animals. After Lunch, we will also show a movie!

What does the Humane Society Provide?

We provide Morning Snack, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack. We provide all items for the Activities and Crafts. The only thing you will need to bring will be a refillable water bottle and blanket (if you want) for the movie. If you have dietary restrictions, we will have tables available to store packed snacks and lunches.

How long does the camp last, and when are the drop-off times?

Camp is from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. You can drop off no earlier than 7:30 and pick up no later than 5:30.

What does the Timeline look like?

  • 7:30 Morning Snack, Ice Breakers, and Games
  • 8:30 Crafts
  • 9:00 Music
  • 9:30 Lesson
  • 10:00 Guest Speaker potentially with Animals
  • 10:30 Free-Time: Games and Coloring
  • 11:00 Guest Speaker potentially with Animals
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 12:30 Movie
  • 2:00 Guest Speaker potentially with Animals
  • 2:30 Afternoon Snack
  • 3:00 Crafts
  • 3:30 Lesson
  • 4:00 Crafts and Free-Time: Music, Games, and Coloring

How can we sign up?

You’ll need to register in advance in order to attend. There are only limited spots available per camp. Please email to sign up with [email protected] or call  352-873-7387 ext 202.

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