The Humane Society of Marion County, Florida

Our Mission

The Humane Society of Marion County is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and protection of animals in Marion County, Florida. Our mission is to prevent cruelty, suffering, and overpopulation of animals.
The Humane Society of Marion County is a Non-Profit, No-Kill Shelter!


Our Shelter is home to many cats and dogs. We employ an application process to screen our potential adopters.

This process is to ensure that the adopter and the adoptee are compatible and that both animals and humans have the best opportunity for a successful relationship.

What We Do


Funds we receive are used to care for the animals: medicine, spay/neuter, surgeries, food, play areas, and a comfortable, clean bed every night.


We want to ensure that there are no homeless animals on the street. Make a difference. Adopt a dog or cat and provide a loving home to an animal in need.


You are the eyes and ears of animals being abused. Some are tied out with no shelter, food or water, and sometimes left abandoned to die. Help us, help them.

Foster Care

Our Shelter receives many kittens and puppies that are just too young to thrive in a shelter environment and need the tender loving care of human attention to give them a good start. Some of these young ones come in with mama and littermates, some are found abandoned and all alone.

We take care of all medical care for these fosters. All you need to do is provide a warm, safe home with lots of kibble and hugs until they are old enough to be adopted. 

All Pets Memorial Park

Sit back and relax in All Pets Memorial Park. As you sit in the gazebo, listen to the crepe myrtles rustle in the soft breeze, and be soothed by the gurgling fountain. “Paws” to remember your lost pets or just let go of the stresses of life.

You may also want to consider becoming a donor by the purchase of any of the items contained in the park. These items are available at different price levels and once purchased, you, your pet, or your family’s name will be inscribed permanently for all to view.

A new service for HSMC members is the availability of hosting events at the park. With a sound system and lighting for nighttime events, it’s the purr-fect place to purr-ty. Join us for an evening in the park and visit our website for upcoming events. 

Help US Put A Stop To Animal Cruelty

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