The Humane Society of Marion County, Florida

Short Term Volunteer


This program is ideal for anyone who only wants to volunteer once or for less than 6 months. The program is quick-start with minimal training required. This program is only open to volunteers who are 16 or older. Volunteers can earn hours for school or work through this program.

Please Note: If you need community service hours for court, or hours for a PreTrial Diversion or PreTrial Intervention (PTI) program, those must be done through our Court Ordered Program and cannot be completed through the Short-Term Program.


  • Must wear pants (no shorts)
  • Mandatory: No sandals or flip-flops, rubber-soled, closed-toed shoes
  • No tank or tube tops, no bare midriff showing
  • No revealing and/or offensive clothing
  • Please note that clothes may get dirty and/or be exposed to bleach

How To Become A Volunteer

1- Read the Volunteer Handbook.

2- Complete the Volunteer Quiz.

3- Upon successfully completing the quiz, you will be sent a volunteer application via email (within 72 hours).

4- Fill out your application, sign up for an orientation, and sign your waivers.

5- Attend Orientation and you are now ready to volunteer as a Level One.

6- Sign in and check your hours anytime here.

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