The Humane Society of Marion County, Florida

Traveling Tails

The HSMC Traveling Tails Program is a Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility visiting program. Volunteers bring selected, pre-screened dogs from HSMC to visit residents of local facilities. This brightens the lives of the residents while providing our dogs with additional opportunities to socialize and contribute to society.

It is profoundly moving to see how dogs have the ability to help calm and soothe agitated individuals while lifting the spirits of those who are sad and lonely. They provide a medium for physical touch and display affection for those who have lived isolated lives. The mere presence of a dog raises the spirits of a person and the petting and touching of the fur allow one to have a wonderful object toward which to express their affection.

Traveling Tails: Bringing a smile and a wet nose to brighten up the days of the residents.

For further information PLEASE EMAIL US or contact Amanda Thurber the Outreach Coordinator 352-873-7387 ext 202

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