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Funds we receive are used to care for the animals: medicine, spay/neuter, surgeries, food, play areas, and a comfortable, clean bed every night.

We want to ensure that there are no homeless animals on the street. Make a difference. Adopt a dog or cat and provide a loving home to an animal in need.

You are the eyes and ears of animals being abused. Some are tied out with no shelter, food or water, and sometimes left abandoned to die. Help us, help them.

Celebrating 55+ years in service

Humane Society of Marion County Change for Change

Team Members

Meet our team of dedicated professionals who change the lives of countless animals here in Marion County.
Bruce Fishalow

Executive Director

Mary Wrye Rutt

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Monteen Daniel

Thrift Store Operations/Manager

Dr. Lidya Albano


Happening Every Month!

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