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From the Director:

7/28/21 – The Humane Society of Marion County will be closing today and anticipates reopening on August 9th. Unfortunately, with the rising cases of the Corona Virus, we have had some employees test positive. We would like to take this time and have our office, lobby, and tech room areas professionally cleaned and all staff tested. We are well versed in quarantine and disease control for our animals and would like to ensure our employees and the public get the same precautionary treatment. Please be patient with us during this time and stay safe.

7/29/21 – Good morning. We are very appreciative of all the support. We would like for everyone to know that our Thrift Store is not affected and is open for business. We were unaware that mainstream media would be reporting on our animal shelter closure. We would also like to share that our animals are well-cared for and that we appreciate everyone’s patience.

Even though we are closed for quarantine there is still dedicated staff and the animals that they are serving need your help. 😷🐾 Please feel free to drop off donations in our sanitized donation carts or mail donations to 701 NW 14th Road Ocala, FL 34475. Thank you all for your continued support. 🐶🐱

Funds we receive are used to care for the animals: medicine, spay/neuter, surgeries, food, play areas, and a comfortable, clean bed every night.

We want to ensure that there are no homeless animals on the street. Make a difference. Adopt a dog or cat and provide a loving home to an animal in need.

You are the eyes and ears of animals being abused. Some are tied out with no shelter, food or water, and sometimes left abandoned to die. Help us, help them.

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