Volunteer Positions Summary

All volunteers must submit a Volunteer Application and attend a Volunteer Orientation prior to volunteering.

  • CANINE & FELINE ENRICHMENT – Dogs and cats need human interaction and socialization. Some animals come to us as strays or puppy mill dogs and must learn human touch. Animals that were abused need to know trust. Playing ball with a dog or stroking a cat is essential for the animals and does wonders for human dispositions! Animals (particularly cats) need encouragement to exercise.
  • CLERICAL – Clerical help is often needed for filing, stuffing envelopes, etc., on an as-needed basis. Assisting at the front desk of the shelter is desperately needed.
  • DOGGIE BANKS – Our Doggie Bank fundraising program requires individuals who will pick up proceeds from the banks once each month and deliver them to the Finance Director. Also, we need people to assist in recruiting locations to place new banks. Special training is required before taking on this position.
  • FOSTER PARENTS: Bottle feeders, nursing moms/babies, special needs, & animals recovering from surgery, skin conditions, or other health concerns often heal more quickly outside of the shelter. A separate Foster Parent Training class is necessary.
  • FUNDRAISING/SPECIAL EVENTS – The HSMC holds several fundraising events each year. These events take dozens of people to put together, and volunteers are vital to their success. You may be asked to help post flyers, solicit prizes from local businesses, sell tickets in advance, help with organization at the event, and the list goes on and on! If you’re not available consistently and want to be involved a couple of times each year, we’ll be more than happy to put you to work on special events!
  • GROOMERS – You only get one chance at a first impression. We want our animals to look their best when potential families come to call. You’re what we need if you don’t mind getting a little wet and can handle a wiggly dog or cat at bath time!
  • HUMANE EDUCATION – Children are the key to reducing animal abuse and abandonment incidences. By teaching them at an early age to respect animals, we will see a decline in incidents in the future. We have instituted a humane education program in public schools, summer camps, and children’s organizations. We need experienced people in teaching children and who love animals to assist in these classes.
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS – A picture is worth a thousand words! People with photography skills can help take pictures of available dogs and cats for us to include in promotional materials and on our website. We also need photographers for our special events.
  • THRIFT STORE – The HSMC Thrift Store is a significant source of HSMC funding. Its hours of operation are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.
  • WALKERS – Our dogs enjoy the luxury of playing in assigned play yards (weather permitting). However, we are always in need of volunteers to exercise our dogs. Dogs who walk nicely on a leash are more adoptable.